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 Scrimming today (09/09/09)

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PostSubject: Scrimming today (09/09/09)   Wed Sep 09, 2009 12:41 pm

Hey guys,

Was on Crysis for quite a bit today. Here are some screenshots of some of the matches we played. Good to see so many =ScaR= representatives!!! Very Happy

=OSD= v =ScaR=
Me and Basejj were on this server just mucking around and the 2 OSD boys came on, so we versed them. Nothing serious really, but a good experience at that.

This one is of me and Basejj having a little 1v1 scrim. score says all

This one we had 3 =ScaR= members playing, possibly 4 at one stage. Deathadder got a better ss than me, cuz 2 ppl left before I took mine. (Deathadder can you replace this photo with urs??)

Then me and DeathAdder had a 1v1. I have 1 more death because some random came in and killed me before we could tell him what we were doing.

Last but not least, a rather good scrim with several good players.

If anyone else has ss's from today, just post them in.

All comments are welcome.


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Scrimming today (09/09/09)
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